Just ranting about everyday's problems, thoughts. Opening a door to escape from the reality. Just be alone. Be myself. Be the same girl, but this time without boundaries. Dreaming the same dreams as before, just like others.

30th March 2014


I don’t wanna think about you that way again
But I missed you.
You never change. And always lit up my day.
And you are still oh- so beautiful, it hurts.

It’s weird you said I should go. That you are on my side. And I’m trying not to think about it the way that you probably said it bc you don’t care wether I’m here or thousands of miles away. I keep thinking that you support my dreams bc you want to see me happy. Specially bc you said: “Of course you should go!” And what’s still deeply in my head? Your last sentence:
“Go! But then come back!”
I keep telling myself that this means something. That you’d miss me. That we are friends. Or something.

But I have to be honest even with myself: one of the reasons I wanna go. I NEED to go, is to forget you. To remember you as a friend and not as someone who makes my stomach twist every time I see you. I want someone else. Someone who will help me forget you finally and who will recuer my love too.
But I missed you.
And I’ll miss you. Forever.